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The ASD Strategic Standardisation Group (SSG)


The Strategic Standardisation Group (SSG) was set up in October 2008 by ASD, with the support of  a group of  European manufacturers and defence agencies  in order to share a common strategy for the development and deployment of interoperability solutions all along the product life-cycle.

The SSG is a working group of the ASD association, reporting to the ASD Services Commission (link).

Interoperability of information processes is seen as key for both industrial performance and operational performanceof aerospace and defence (A&D) products. Our approach to interoperability is based on the broad adoption of standards, not on the selection of a particular technology or tool. 

The ASD SSG aims to support effective governance, at European level, of the development and validation of information interoperability standards and solutions for A&D industries:  

  • Identifying and specifying A&D industry needs in regards to information interoperability along the product life-cycle.
  • Proposing and applying governance tools at strategic and technical level (e.g. radar screen, interoperability framework, assessment process).
  • Developing ASD standards policies and recommendations and publishing these through the SSG website.
  • Encouraging IT vendors to implement these solutions and assessing the quality of those implementations.
  • Developing a network of experts.
  • Developing  liaisons with all relevant associations (e.g. AIA in the U.S.) and standardisation organisations (e.g. ISO/TC 184/SC 4, OMG, UN/CEFACT).
Collaboration with AIA (USA) Collaboration with AIA (USA)

The ASD SSG has established a collaboration with the American Aerospace Industries Association (AIA), and ASD SSG re-use several of the methods initiated by the AIA Electronic Enterprise Integration Committee (EEIC),  (like the Radar Chart representation).

This collaboration has been formalised through a Memorandum of Understanding, signed during the ASD Convention 2011.

We encourage you to visit the AIA site at:

For more information on this collaboration go to this page.