Systems Engineering interoperability WG Systems Engineering interoperability WG

Deployment of Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) methods and tools has started in the A&D industry, mainly in silo platforms. It is understood that the full benefit of MBSE will be achieved only with collaboration processes that are themselves supported in a “model-based way” and with  MBSE platforms that are interoperable.

The objective of the “Systems Engineering interoperability” working group is to  specify the industry needs in this field and to drive the development of the required interoperable solutions, including the development of the required standards.

The working group currently includes three activities:

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This working group has links with OMG, INCOSE, ISO/TC 184/SC 4 (ISO MoSSEC project), PDES Inc. (PDES MBSE WG) and with LOTAR (LOTAR MBSE WG). Backgroung includes results of research projects like TOICA and SAVI.


Workgroup leaders

Peter Schroll (Airbus) and Yves Baudier (AFNet)