AIA, ASD sign MoU AIA, ASD sign MoU

AIA, ASD & ASD-STAN Sign MOU on PLM/eBusiness standardisation

Industry leaders from the United States and Europe signed a memorandum of understanding at the ASD Convention, Istanbul, 6 October 2011, that formalizes their working relationship to develop joint standardisation approach for Aeronautical and Defense eBusiness Solutions.

"In order to promote common, interoperable, electronic business solutions in the aerospace and defence industries of Europe and the United States and their supply network, and to make optimal use of the resources available, ASD and AIA agree to work in concert on the joint identification and development of standards to support such solutions.
This Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between ASD and AIA is intended to set the parameters for an agreement between the two organizations on harmonizing U.S. and European guidance related to Standards for E-Business Solutions where appropriate.
The two organizations shall establish a relationship between relevant parts of their organizations in order to:
  • Exchange information on relevant standards and strategies
  • Develop joint guidelines for the use of electronic business standards where agreed by both parties
  • Collaborate on development of common standards where agreed by both parties
  • Identification of additional areas of harmonization, within the scope of this MOU that could serve the aerospace and defense industry."


 From left to rigth: Domingo Ureña Raso, ASD President, Marion C. Blakey, AIA President and Chief Executive Officer, Michael von Gizycky, ASD General Secretary, Günter Lessmann, ASD-STAN Director.

Collaboration with AIA (USA) Collaboration with AIA (USA)

The ASD SSG has established a collaboration with the American Aerospace Industries Association (AIA), and ASD SSG re-use several of the methods initiated by the AIA Electronic Enterprise Integration Committee (EEIC),  (like the Radar Chart representation).

This collaboration has been formalised through a Memorandum of Understanding, signed during the ASD Convention 2011. See beside. We encourage you to visit the AIA site at:

On-going collaboration projects between AIA and ASD include:

  • ILS Specifications: S3000L, S5000F spec to be proposed for adoption
  • LOTAR: New set of blips drafted to reflect maturity levels, Possible extensions to manufacturing, analysis and ILS

Specific collaboration subjects between AIA EEIC and ASD SSG cover:

  • Transactional standards and the impact of BoostAeroSpace 
  • Coordinated approach to core STEP and PLM recommendations
  • Collaboration on Technical Data Package (TDP) specifications
  • REACH-IT – impact of IAEG
  • 3D visualisation – ASD proposed blip
  • Promoting vendor implementations: ASD drafting white paper
AIA-ASD Collaboration AIA-ASD Collaboration

Within the scope of the memoranda of understanding governing collaboration between the AIA and ASD on matters related to interoperability, regular teleconference are organised to

  • Review status and progress on existing collaborative efforts and
  • Explore the potential for undertaking further tasks to address product and supply chain interoperability to meet the requirements of the aerospace and defence industry.

Minutes and presentations shared during teleconference are available here after:

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