Official ASD SSG Radar Chart Official ASD SSG Radar Chart

Official ASD SSG Radar Chart

 Click on the link here after to download the current version of ASD SSG Radar Chart:

     SSG Standards Radar Chart V1.10d (October 2019)

 This Powerpoint version includes the "blips" (description and adoption statement of each component standard)

Why a Radar Chart? Why a Radar Chart?


  • Allows monitoring the appropriate level of effort of the ASD in the development of a standard
    • Adopt existing standard
    • Monitor external development
    • Participate in external development
    • ASD development
  • Allows identifying the level of support of the standard by ASD
    • Potential candidate standard (SSG task)
    • Candidate standard (SSG task)
    • Adopted standard (Recommended by the SSG)
  • Based on the approach of the AIA Radar Screen
 The fact a standard doesn't appear as "adopted" doesn't mean it is not in use in the industry! (and so all standards in use are not necessarily  adopted in the ASD SSG radar)
Criteria for a standard to appear as “Adopted” in the ASD SSG Radar:
  1. Standard officially published and available
  2. Consistency of the standard with the ASD Through Life-cycle interoperability policy. Refer to the related report on ASD SSG website.
  3.  Adoption statement validated by ASD members (the adoption statement could refer to any pilot implementations/deployments)
The Radar Screen is a graphical representation of relevant standards (represented as radar blips) on the global radar screen, plus a description of each blip:
  • The radar screen provides a simple view of the SSG work program, illustrating as blips all the items that may be of relevance to ASD, and highlighting the candidate standards for adoption, and those standards that have been adopted as part of the Interoperability Framework. The chart is divided into four quadrants, showing the ASD strategy for delivery of the candidate standards - adoption, monitoring or participation in development, or ASD development of standards.
  • The radar screen is presented in Powerpoint form so that it is possible to click on each blip to get more information on the initiative and the ASD strategy.
  • Each blip on the radar screen is used to provide visibility of the status and maturity of a standard or initiative. Clicking on the blip expands it to provide summary information and the ASD position statement and adoption plan for a standard or initiative. The initial version of a blip is created as a basic document to introduce a standard or initiative to the SSG framework, and is updated to track progress as the standard or initiative evolves. The blip will also record the final ASD recommendation on how companies should deploy the standard.
To see the official ASD SSG Radar Chart please use the link in the upper left part of this page!


Figure: Typical "Radar screen"
List of blips List of blips

The following table gives the list of the component standards managed by the SSG and their related blips (blips in word format are accessible through links on the name of the component standard).

This table will be updated in line with each update of the ASD SSG Radar Chart.
Meaning of the columns:
  • First column: name of the Component Standard
  • Second column: validation state. Red means “No blip available”, green means “Blip available”, OK means "Blip validated"
  • Last two columns refer to the position on the Radar Screen (see above).


3D Visualisation standardsOKTrackMonitor external development
ArchiMateOKTrackAvailable external standard
BoostAero (eSupply Chain standard)OKAdoptedParticipate in external development
BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation)OKTrackAvailable external standard
COLLADA COLLAborative Design Activity XML file formatOK TrackMonitor external development
ebXML CC (Electronic Business using eXtensible Markup Language Core Components)OKTrackAvailable external standard
EN9300 LOTAR (LOng-Term Archiving and Retrieval of 3D digital aerospace product information, such as CAD and PDM)OKTrackASD development
EN9300-1xx (Long-Term Archiving and Retrieval of 3D Geometry, CAD structure and Product Manufacturing Information)OKAdoptedASD development
EN9300-2xx (LOng-Term Archiving and Retrieval of Product Management Data & Configured Mechanical Product Structure)OKTrack-
ASD development
EN9300-3xx (LOng-Term Archiving and Retrieval of Composite information)OKTrack-
ASD development
EN9300-4xx (LOng-Term Archiving and Retrieval of Electrical Harness information)OKTrack-
ASD development
EN9300-5xx (LOng-Term Archiving and Retrieval of Model-based Systems Engineering information)OKTrack ASD development
EN9300-6xx (LOng-Term Archiving and Retrieval of Engineering Analysis and Simulation information) Track ASD development
FMI Functional Model Interface OKTrackAvailable external standard
ISO 8000 Data QualityOKCandidateAvailable external standard
ISO 22745 Open technical Dictionaries and automated data exchangeDraftTrackMonitor external development
ISO 14306 JT file format specification for 3D visualisation ed2OKAdoptedParticipate in external development
MIMOSAOKTrackAvailable external standard
ModelicaOKTrackAvailable external standard
MoSSEC Modelling and Simulation in Collaborative Systems Engineering ContextOKTrack-CandidateParticipate in external development
OAGIS Open Applications Group Integration Specification version 10OKTrackAvailable external standard
OSLCOKTrackMonitor external development
PAS 55 BSI Publicly Available Specification Asset ManagementOKTrackMonitor external development
PLCS DEXs TrackMonitor external development
PRC/U3D Portable document format (PDF) Universal 3D / Product Representation Compact OKTrackMonitor external development
RFID Radio Frequency Identification Application StandardsOKTrackAvailable external standard
S1000D International specification for technical publications using a common source databaseOKAdoptedASD development
S2000M International specification for materiel management - Integrated data processingOKAdoptedASD development
S3000L International specification for Logistics Support Analysis - LSAOKAdoptedASD development
S4000P International specification for developing and continuously improving preventive maintenanceOKAdoptedASD development
S5000F International specification for operational maintenance data feedbackOKAdopted ASD development
S6000T International specification for Training Analysis and DesignOKTrackASD development
SX001G Glossary for the S-Series ILS specifications OKCandidate ASD development 
SX002D Common data model for the S-Series ILS specifications OKCandidate ASD development 
SX000i International guide for the use of the S-Series Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) specificationsOKAdoptedASD development
SAML Security Assertion Markup LanguageOKTrackMonitor external development
SCORM Sharable Content Object Reference Model 2004OKAdoptedAvailable external standard
SPEC2000 e-Business specification for materiels management OKTrack-CandidateParticipate in external development
SPEC2300 Data Exchange Standard for Flight Operations OKTrack-CandidateParticipate in external development
STE100 ASD Simplified Technical EnglishOKAdoptedASD development
STEP Standard for the Exchange of Product model data (ISO 10303)OKTrackAvailable external standard
STEP AP203 “Configuration controlled 3D design of mechanical parts and assemblies”OKAdoptedAvailable external standard
STEP AP209 "Multidisciplinary Analysis and Design"OKTrack-
Available external standard
STEP AP210 “Electronic assembly, interconnect and packaging design”OKTrackAvailable external standard
STEP AP212 “Electrotechnical design and installation”OKTrackAvailable external standard
STEP AP214 “Core data for automotive mechanical design processes”OKAdoptedAvailable external standard
STEP AP233 “Systems engineering data representation”OKTrackMonitor external development
STEP AP235 "Materials information for the design and verification of products"OK
TrackAvailable external standard
STEP AP239 ed2 "Product life cycle support" Edition 2
OKTrackMonitor external development
STEP AP239 ed3 "Product life cycle support" Edition 3OKTrack-Candidate Participate in external development
STEP AP242 ed1 "Managed model based 3D engineering" Edition 1OKAdopted Participate in external development
STEP AP242 ed2 "Managed model based 3D engineering" Edition 2OKTrackParticipate in external development
SysML Systems Modeling Language OKTrackAvailable external standard
TDP Message ASD Technical Data Package MessageOKAdoptedASD development
TSCP SEv1 Secure Email v1OKAdoptedMonitor external development
UAF OMG Unified Architecture Framework OKTrackMonitor external development
VDA 4968 "Vehicle Electric Container Kabelbaumliste" (VEC KBL) OKTrack Monitor external development 
VDA 4969  Simulation Data Management in Integrated Collaborative CAD/CAE Process ChainsOK  TrackMonitor external development 
XPDL XML Process Description Language OKTrackAvailable external standard



Table: List of Component Standards