ILS Suite Blips ILS Suite Blips

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STE100  S1000D  S2000M  S3000L  S4000P  S5000F  S6000T  SX000i  SX001G  SX002D

ILS Suite of Specifications ILS Suite of Specifications

 The ASD suite of IPS Specifications currently consist of:

  NB: the links direct you to the official website of each specification

  • STE100 Simplified Technical English / International Specification for the preparation of technical documentation in a controlled language
  • S1000D International specification for technical publications using a common source database
  • S2000M International specification for materiel management - Integrated data processing
  • S3000L International specification for Logistics Support Analysis - LSA
  • S4000P  International specification for developing and continuously improving preventive maintenance 
  • S5000F  International specification for in-service data feedback
  • S6000T International specification for training analysis and design

The above S-Series IPS specifications are supported by the following elements:

  • SX000i  International guide for the use of the S-Series Integrated Product Support (IPS) specifications
  • SX001G Glossary for the S-Series IPS specifications
  • SX002D Common data model for the S-Series IPS specifications
  • SX003X Interoperability matrix for the S-Series IPS specifications
  • SX004G Unified Modeling Language (UML) model reader’s guidance
  • SX005G S-Series IPS specifications XML schema implementation guidance 

These specifications are supported by appropriate input data specifications (e.g. S1000X Input data specification for S1000D).

The first specification, STE100, is 100% ASD. All other specifications are shared with AIA. S1000D is also shared with ATA.

ILS Specifications Issue Plan ILS Specifications Issue Plan