BoostAero adoption BoostAero adoption

Boostaero website: 

ASD has validated the following Boostaero adoption statement on the 7th of July 2011:

BoostAero has developed a standardized set of procurement e-trading messages, in order to avoid a proliferation of incompatible portals. This builds on the internationally agreed set of UN/CEFACT core components for ebXML, in order to ensure interoperability with other electronic trading environments. 
ASD recommends the use of BoostAero V2.10 for the following Supply Chain transactions:
  • Supply agreement
  • Order collaboration
  • Demand Forecast collaboration
  • Supply Instruction
  • Despatch Advice
  • Receipt Advice
  • Vendor managed inventory (VMI), Consigned VMI
  • Invoice, Self billing Invoice

 Accompanying document: BoostAero V2.10 description

BoostAeroSpace is not BoostAero! BoostAeroSpace is not BoostAero!

BoostAeroSpace is an operational collaborative hub.

Airbus, Dassault Aviation, EADS, Safran, Thales have created BoostAeroSpace secured collaboration Hub, Cloud  to be used by the whole industry because competitiveness must be organised at industry level.This initiative was identified as strategic by ASD SSG, due to usage and promotion of open standards within  the Aerospace&Defence ecosystem.

BoostAeroSpace web site:

BoostAero is a standard for supply chain transactions. 

BoostAero web site:

NB: One module of BoostAeroSpace, called AirSupply, implements the BoostAero standard for the supply chain transactions.