MoSSEC Latest Status MoSSEC Latest Status

The MoSSEC project was initially submitted and approved as ISO 22071 in June 2016, but is now formally ISO 10303-243 (part of the STEP family). Since that time the project has submitted and had approved a Committee Draft version of the standard. The project works closely with the STEP Extended Architecture project to ensure alignment with other ISO 10303 standards. The project had a positive Draft International Standard version ballot on June 2021.

The project has is co-lead by:

  • Peter Schroll (Airbus) – European co-leader
  • Mark Williams (Boeing) - American co-leader


MoSSEC documentation MoSSEC documentation

This is a contribution in view of developing a future specification named "Modeling and Simulation in a Systems Engineering Context" (MoSSEC).

Contact: Peter Schroll.

MoSSEC Overview (Ref.: ASD/MoSSEC/1.0)

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MoSSEC presentations MoSSEC presentations


"Innovations in collaborative modelling and simulation to deliver the Behavioural Digital Aircraft : A summary of results from the CRESCENDO project", presentation made by Peter COLEMAN, CRESCENDO project coordinator, Airbus Operations Ltd, at PDT Europe 2012, 25-26 September 2012, The Hague, Netherlands

MoSSEC, PDES Inc Offsite, March 2014

MoSSEC, PDES Inc Offsite, March 2014
"MoSSEC, Child of CRESCENDO", presentation made by Nigel Shaw, Eurostep Limited and Yves Baudier, Airbus Group at PDES, Inc. Offsite Meeting – March 6-14, 2014 - Gaithersburg, Maryland.


MoSSEC presentation made by Adrian Murton, Airbus, at the Global Product Data Interoperability Summit, September 8-11. Phoenix, AZ.

MoSSEC Overview MoSSEC Overview

MoSSEC website:

MoSSEC standard is designed to provide a capability to share Modeling and Simulation  information in a collaborative Systems Engineering Context “MoSSEC”. This is to enable full traceability and re-use of modeling and simulation information throughout the product lifecycle and independent of the specific IT applications used across collaborating enterprises. The standard targets to cover a core subset of AP239 systems engineering information content and related  information services, that can be readily implemented and deployed  to support engineering collaboration.

The MoSSEC project is proposed as an international project, to bring together the works started in Europe by CRESCENDO Consortium to apply AP239/PLCS for this scope, and the similar works in Europe and US motivated by similar goals.

The globalization of aerospace and defence industries drives large volumes of work for modelling and simulation of product performance and behaviour, into geographically distributed teams and into the supply chain. This data is used to justify change decisions and to validate the product throughout development, certification and in-service. The MoSSEC standard enables a proper exchange and sharing of modelling and simulation data with traceability to its systems engineering & PDM context. This enables competitive and robust product development in global teams, where modelling and simulation data is fully traceable to the PDM referential, and enabling quick validation of next design changes, whether in product development or in-service phases.


To illustrate the MoSSEC approach, the figure below provides a schematic view of the most commonly used objects:

  • How a study can use the results of other studies as inputs, or as concepts to be investigated.
  • How models in the study are used for requirement verification.
  • How templates can be inputs to the study for guiding what type of models and their associations to use
  • The use of Organisations, teams and people in the roles within the study. 




Potential participants and contributors to the MoSSEC Project are invited to contact the project leader Peter Schroll.