EWIS IF overview EWIS IF overview

Electrical Wiring Interconnection System Interoperability Forum - EWIS IF


The objectives of the EWIS-IF are to speed up the development of Electrical wiring harness information data interfaces based on ISO 10303 AP242 ed2 .

The EWIS-IF is composed of industries representatives (the users) and electrical tools providers (the implementers) that will work together to improve STEP AP242 ed2 electrical translator quality and decrease translator time-to-market

Related standard

ISO 10303 STEP AP 242

Specific domain: Electrical design

Way of working

Two test rounds per year, with two face to face meetings with Virtual Meetings between Summits as required to support agenda

Meetings alternating between the hosting organizations to facilitate member participations

For more information

EWIS IF public web site address: https://www.cax-if.org/ewis/ewis_introduction.php

Link to supporting associations related webpages:

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Project STEP AP242: see related SSG page

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ASD SSG recommendations

The ASD SSG recommend to its members to participate in the EWIS IF User Group.

The EWIS IF User Group drives the priorities of the Interoperability Test Rounds of the EWIS IF Implementer Group.