ASD SSG Projects ASD SSG Projects

ASD SSG has initiated and/or supports a set of standardisation projects, benchmarks and implementer forums.

Standardisation projects are associated to a "Component Standard" (or several ones) and are also reflected in the associated "blip" in the ASD SSG "Radar Chart". Objective is to develop a standard that is identified by SSG as needed by the industry. Standardisation projects currently supported by ASD SSG are:

  • AIA-ASD ILS Suite of specifications
  • Boostaero
  • ISO AP242 edition 2
  • ISO AP243 MoSSEC
  • ISO AP239 edition 3
  • ISO JT edition 2
  • ISO Extended STEP Architecture

Iteroperability Forums aim at testing the implementation of standards on various tools using a set of predefined test cases. This is needed to harmonise the way the standard is interpreted by the various IT/software vendors for implentation, and leads to the publication of "Recommended Practices". Interoperability Forums currently supported by ASD SSG are:

  • CAx-IF
  • PDM-IF
  • CAE-IF

Benchmark activities are the final step before industrial deployement. They are used to test commercial off-the-shelf solitions (COTS) proposed by IT/software vendors in regards to functional and performance requirements based on industrial cases. Current benchmark activities supported by ASD SSG are:

  • STEP AP242 Benchmark