Manufacturing interoperability Working Group Manufacturing interoperability Working Group

The Manufacturing interoperability Working Group focusses on the data thread associated with part manufacture, inspection through to  final assembly of products.  This includes the definition data associated to define what, were and how a part component  is made, through to the assembly of a final product and the data collected from doing so and the Digital as ‘Built condition’ of these phases.  This includes the data associated with the digital traceability history (regulatory defined or for continuous improvement) of a component and final assembly product and other interactions with supply chain and other product life cycle phases.

Manufacturing whether concerning component manufacture or product assembly is a critical function of any business regardless of industrial sector and covers a complex range of different domain themes, subtopics and technologies. These are all covered by a range of different external Digital Standards bodies including ISO, IPS, IEC subgroups which concern current and emerging new standards such as MBSE, Digital-SMART Manufacturing standards, Digital Twin of Parts, Production (Factory), final product etc.

This working group has presents within BSI, AFNet, ISO/TC 184/SC 4, CEN/TC310 (Chair) and a number of IEC/TC65 sub committee working groups (WG16 Digital Factory, SMART Manufacturing Framework WG 23 and WG24 Asset Administration Shell), along with others including ISO/TC299 Robotics and CEN-CENELEC-ETSI Coordination Group on Smart Manufacturing (SMa-CG).


The objective of the “Manufacturing interoperability” working group at present includes the following activities:

Develop and maintain the ASD-SSG Manufacturing interoperability RADAR blip charts and interactions with other ASD-SSG product life cycle RADAR charts and working groups

Specify industry needs in within the Manufacturing theme and to drive the development were required and awareness of current and new relevant interoperability standards.


For more information on this activity please contact the Working Group leader, Steven Carter Rolls-Royce plc


Workgroup leader

Steven Carter (Rolls-Royce)

Proposed Radar Chart for the Manufacturing WG Proposed Radar Chart for the Manufacturing WG