Requirement, Verification & Validation Implementer Forum - RV&V-IF


Objective of the RV&V-IF is to improve STEP translator quality and decrease translator time-to-market in the Model-Based Systems Engineering field, starting by the exchange of Requirements and V&V data.

The RV&V-IF was initiated by AFIS (the French Chapter of INCOSE) and AFNeT end of 2019.

Related standard

ISO 10303 STEP: STEP Requirement Management CTC shared by STEP Application Protocols (including AP239 PLCS, AP242, AP243)

Specific domain: Systems Engineering

Way of working

Two test rounds are planned per year, starting in 2020, with two face to face meetings with Virtual Meetings between Summits as required to support agenda.

For more information

RV&V-IF public web site: to be created in 2020

Links to supporting associations related webpages:

AFNeT: http://afnet.fr/dotank/sps/plm-committee/mbse-interoperability-and-rvv-if/

Related ASD SSG projects pages / recommendations

ASD recommendation for STEP AP242: http://www.asd-ssg.org/step-ap242-ed2

Related component standard for AP242 ed2: link

ASD SSG recommendations

The ASD SSG recommend to its members to participate in the RV&V User Group.
The RV&V IF User Group drives the priorities of the Interoperability Test Rounds of the RV&V IF Implementer Groups.