ILS Specifications overview ILS Specifications overview

Download the S-Series ILS Specifications Overview.

(2015 issue).

S-series XML schema guidance S-series XML schema guidance

New SX005G S-Series ILS specifications XML schema implementation guidance available!

For more information and submission of comments, go to the SX000i website.

S5000F and SX000i have been adopted by the ASD SSG and recommended for new projects.

ILS Suite of Specifications ILS Suite of Specifications

 The ASD suite of ILS Specifications currently consist of:

  NB: the links direct you to the official website of each specification

  • STE100 Simplified Technical English / International Specification for the preparation of technical documentation in a controlled language
  • S1000D International specification for technical publications using a common source database
  • S2000M International specification for materiel management - Integrated data processing
  • S3000L International specification for Logistics Support Analysis - LSA
  • S4000P  International specification for developing and continuously improving preventive maintenance 
  • S5000F  International specification for in-service data feedback
  • S6000T International specification for training analysis and design

The above S-Series ILS specifications are supported by the following elements:

  • SX000i  International guide for the use of the S-Series Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) specifications
  • SX001G Glossary for the S-Series ILS specifications
  • SX002D Common data model for the S-Series ILS specifications
  • SX003X Interoperability matrix for the S-Series ILS specifications
  • SX004G Unified Modeling Language (UML) model reader’s guidance
  • SX005G S-Series ILS specifications XML schema implementation guidance 

These specifications are supported by appropriate input data specifications (e.g. S1000X Input data specification for S1000D).

The first specification, STE100, is 100% ASD. All other specifications are shared with AIA. S1000D is also shared with ATA.

Logistic Support interoperability Working Group Logistic Support interoperability Working Group


The objective of the Logistic Support interoperability Working Group is to design a strategy/policy for the development and maintenance of a coherent set of Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) Specifications. This includes also the identification of needs for additional specifications. This strategy/policy will be implemented through the ILS Guide SX000i working group, the associated suite of ILS Specifications and relationships with other SSG domains.
The SSG Logistic Support interoperability Working Group takes its authority from the ASD ILS Spec Group and represents the Custommer Support/ILS domains within the SSG.
The Logistic Support interoperability Working Group links with ASD Product Service Specification Group (PSSG) and AIA/ASD ILS Spec. Council.
Each specification has a Steering Group and the common elements are underpinned by the Data Modelling and Exchange Working Group (DMEWG). For further information, click here
Expected results:
  • Publication and adoption of a coherent set of ILS Specifications.
  • Improve compatibility of the several ILS specifications (ASD S Series suite) and other global standards.
  • Develop cross-domain business scenarios and identify gaps.

The Logistic Support interoperability Working Group contributes to the SSG Objectives through the following activities:

  • Complete the set of coherent standards – S6000T in 2019.
  • Publish updates of existing specs - SX001G, SX002D, S5000F in 2019 and S3000L in 2019.
  • Provide change requests and recommend improvements through the common S-Series Change Request Tool.
  • Bring together the PDM and ILS domains to discuss a roadmap for convergent architecture underpinned by a common data model and the PLCS standard within the Through life cycle interoperability framework.
  • Communicate by 
    • Organising a European ILS Spec Day.
    • Exploiting other briefing opportunities where appropriate such as NATO TLM Conference, UKCeB Conferences, ASD Convention/Summit, S1000D User Forum ILS Day with Interoperability input - all with accompanying communication material.
The strategy/policy developed by the SSG Logistic Support interoperability Working Group shall be implemented by the ILS SX000i Guide working group. The vision of this latter is that “all players of the global aerospace value network will be able to share data securely through the life of the products and services”. In addition, this group will identify existing gaps in the Suite of ILS Specifications (e.g. glossary, configuration management, programme management, etc.). This shall be accomplished through an ILS Guide, whose purpose is to:
-          Explain the vision and objectives for the suite of ILS specifications.
-          Provide a framework that documents the global ILS process and interactions; process, data…
-          Explain how the ILS specs interface with other standardisation domains: engineering, manufacturing, supply chain, collaboration , security.
-          Explain the global governance of ILS spec development and supporting work plan resources.
-          Provide concrete guidance on how to satisfy specific business requirements using an appropriate selection of defined components.