SE Collaboration interoperability SE Collaboration interoperability

Role of the Systems Engineering Collaboration interoperability activity is to define an A&D strategy in terms of methods and standards to collaborate in a Systems Engineering context – exchanging and sharing sets of systems MBSE and/or simulation models in the frame of a Systems Engineering study.

Initial industry requirements in this field where developed in various research projects gathering a significant number of Aerospace industry partners: FP7 CRESCENDO project, TOICA project, SAVI project.

These projects have resulted in a rich information model and associated templates and services for information exchange, called MoSSEC.

MoSSEC is currently proposed by ASD SSG as a basis for an international standard project, to be proposed by October 2016 as an ISO New Work Item.

People interested by this activity are invited to contact the activity leader: Adrian Murton

Link: MoSSEC website

MoSSEC specification MoSSEC specification

This is a contribution in view of developing a future specification named "Modeling and Simulation in a Systems Engineering Context" (MoSSEC).

Contact: Adrian Murton.

MoSSEC Overview (Ref.: ASD/MoSSEC/1.0)

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